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CONGRATULATIONS Clive & Bhupen on their narrow 1 point Victory

information below.........

This years FWGS Winter Pairs was played at Breadsall Priory on 8/9 March 2020

With the Priory course closed, we set out on the Sunday, after drawing the pairs, with the holders Ian/Richard being allowed to defend the Shield.

Conditions were chilly & windy but the ,Moorland' course was firm, and with shortened holes the scoring was good. Some were relieved that trolleys were allowed.

Clive & Bhupen held the lead overnight with a better ball score of 49.

In the evening we had an excellent 3 course dinner, followed by poker (5p/10p), which featured Bhupen, but the main cash winner was Ian with £30+

TimT & Toby (crocked knees) had arrived late on Sunday, & were awarded a (decent) average first day score to carry over to the 2nd round.

The Golf Pro managed to get us the same arrangement on the Moorland Course (2-17 + 3&4 again), on a chillier day with rain forecast for 3pm.

In the end the team scores were very close.

Clive & Bhupen (birdie/par finish!) managed to edge the win by a single point, thwarting Robin's 46pt heroics!

Credit also to Toby who scored 44pts seven days after a knee arthroscopy (don't tell the physio!!)

Just as we came off the course at 1450, the cold rain arrived in earnest.

Prizes were awarded (SHACKLETON WHISKEY for the winners, and other wine bottles), & we all set off home, and look forward to the 17th FWGS Season starting at Kilworth Springs in 2 weeks.



Clive/Bhupen 49 Clive 39 Bhupen 39 127

Robin/Seamus 46 Robin 46 Seamus 34 126

Toby/TimT 46 (average) Toby 44 TimT 33 123

Richard/Ian 45 Richard 33 Ian 44 122

TimM/Andy 46 TimM 38 Andy 37 121

James/Glyn 46 James 34 Glyn 30 110

Day 1 NP-Robin LD-Andy NP in 2 - Richard

Day 2 NP-James LD-Glyn NP2-Clive

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